Commercial Water Purifiers

Commercial RO System : FRP / SS

  • Brand: Oxyline
  • Capacity: 25 LPH, 50 LPH, 150 LPH, 250 LPH, 500 LPH, 1000 LPH, 2000 LPH, UPTO 25000 LPH
  • Raw Water Pump: CRI / Grundfos / Lubi
  • High-Pressure Pump: CRI / Grundfos / Lubi
  • RO Membrane: CSM / GE / VONTRON

Stainless Steel Water Cooler

Water Cooler 2

The Alkaio stainless steel water purifier has a storage capacity of 50L to 500L and a cooling capacity of 50L to 500L, engineered ergonomically for better protection and operating ease. The low power usage of Emerson Copeland compressor is attributed to the outstanding design grooved tubes in the heat exchanger and a good performance compressor. It is ideally adapted for industrial purposes to modern age refrigerant. Rugged frame of stainless steel / galvanized steel means longer life of the structure. It delivers clean drinking water through a high-quality stainless steel tank, food-grade water tubing, float valves and other components that come into contact with drinking water.

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

Alkaio alkaline water ionized water increased the antioxidant enzymes and also prevented water from harmful radicals. It helps in fulfilling insufficient mineral in our body and penetrates easily into our body. It helps in detoxification for better health.

This hydrates the body and tends to incorporate mineral and micro-clustering as well as effective antibacterial water drinking habits.

Water Bottling Filling Plant

We manufacture a large variety of oxyline bottle filling plants with the help of trained professionals. Our expired professionals produce the plant sold using high-quality materials and the newest technologies to meet international requirements. With longer operating life, it has shown high performance with a user-friendly layout.


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